Bespoke VAT Solutions for eCommerce Marketplaces.

eCommerce is growing exponentially, driving additional tax rules to respond to innovative new business models.

As your Marketplace increases in scale and service offerings, you can now offer online sellers an integrated solution to manage this complex tax landscape with Taxmatic Bespoke™.

Approx 50% of sales on marketplaces are cross-border transactions. While a marketplace can quickly enable geographical reach for eCommerce sellers, cross-border sales come with additional complexities, especially around sales tax regulations, VAT compliance and tax reporting.

eCommerce businesses can find it a struggle to keep up to date on changes to tax codes, or to fully understand the legal requirements on their business to maintain compliance. They come to rely on the marketplace to offer guidance and solutions that ensure they are meeting their tax obligations.


Smart integration

Connect each eCommerce store account to Taxmatic for secure read-only access to sales order direct to your Taxmatic account. Within minutes, you have automated VAT calculations, filings, payments, and records retention on your eCommerce sales across EU and UK jurisdictions.


Company dashboard and reports console for net VAT position of your business. Individual transaction drill down access to respond to queries or anomalies. In app messaging centre to retain records and date stamps for all resolutions on VAT queries.

Peace of Mind

Ensure all VAT obligations are accounted for and filings across EU and UK jurisdictions are completed accurately and on time. Reports are available instantly to share with local tax authorities online to facilitate tax audits.



Taxmatic Bespoke architecture is designed to scale as your business grows.

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