Top eCommerce Trends in Europe to Watch


The European eCommerce landscape is full of possibilities, diverse consumer preferences, innovative technologies, and a booming online market. For US businesses with their sights set on growth abroad, Europe presents a massive growth opportunity. But navigating a new market requires understanding its unique characteristics and staying ahead of the curve.

Here are some of the hottest European eCommerce trends that US companies can leverage for success:

  1. The Rise of mCommerce: Mobile is king in Europe, with mCommerce purchases projected to reach a staggering €461.4 billion by 2027. (Source: Statista) Consumers are increasingly happy to make purchases on the go, once they trust an eCommerce retailer. This has been fueled by user-friendly mobile apps and seamless one-click purchasing experiences.

💡 Take Action: Ensure your website is mobile-optimized and offers a smooth user experience for mobile shoppers. Consider developing a dedicated mobile app to improve accessibility and enhance brand loyalty if you plan a sustained growth strategy. 

  1. Embracing Sustainability: Environmental consciousness is a top priority for European consumers. They actively seek out brands that demonstrate commitment to sustainability, from eco-friendly packaging to ethical sourcing practices.

💡 Take Action: Highlight your sustainability efforts on your website and product descriptions. Partner with eco-conscious suppliers and offer sustainable packaging options. Consider carbon offsetting programs to further demonstrate your commitment. Platforms such as Shopify are now integrating these as standard plug-ins. 

  1. The Power of Social Commerce: Social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok and Facebook are no longer just social spaces – they’re shopping destinations for European consumers. Social commerce allows brands to connect directly with target audiences, showcase products seamlessly, and leverage influencer marketing to drive sales.

💡 Take Action: Develop your unique social media presence tailored to the European market. Be aware that some platform usage will vary between the countries within the EU itself.  Utilize high-quality visuals, engage with your audience, and partner with relevant European influencers. Explore “shoppable post” features offered by platforms such as Instagram. 

  1. The Personalization Push: European shoppers crave personalized experiences. They expect websites and platforms to understand their preferences and recommend relevant products. This can be achieved through data-driven personalization strategies and targeted marketing campaigns. 

💡 Take Action: Implement user-friendly personalization tools on your website. Offer product recommendations based on past purchases and browsing behavior. Consider targeted email marketing campaigns that cater to specific customer segments. Ensure you comply with European rules regarding online privacy (Cookies, GDPR etc). 

  1. The Cross-Border Boom: European consumers are increasingly comfortable shopping from abroad. This trend offers US businesses a wider audience base, but requires a focus on cross-border logistics and seamless international payment solutions. Consumers wish to shop online globally using their local currency, and expect returns to be facilitated easily. 

💡 Take Action: Offer competitive shipping costs, returns and clear delivery timelines. Partner with reliable third-party logistics providers (3PLs) to ensure efficient cross-border shipments. Integrate multiple payment options popular in Europe, such as PayPal, Stripe and Klarna.

Staying Compliant While You Conquer eCommerce

Navigating European eCommerce waves requires care, especially when it comes to Value Added Tax (VAT) compliance. The range of VAT regulations across EU member states can be a daunting challenge for US businesses venturing into this market.

This is where Taxmatic can help. We offer a smart solution that empowers you to focus on growth while ensuring VAT compliance, no matter where you sell in Europe. 

Embrace the European Adventure

The European eCommerce landscape is brimming with opportunities. By understanding these key trends and ensuring VAT compliance with Taxmatic as your partner, US businesses can confidently navigate this exciting market and achieve sustainable success. Don’t let VAT complexities hold you back – unlock your European growth potential with Taxmatic by your side.

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