From Pledges to Profits: Your Kickstarter Campaign


Crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter help bring creative projects to life, acting as launchpads for creators by opening up a number of important benefits:


Kickstarter facilitates global crowdfunding, allowing creators to raise capital from a large pool of backers. This can be crucial for funding creative projects that might not get traditional financing.

Audience Building

The platform helps creators reach a wider audience than they might on their own. Kickstarter has a large user base of potential backers who are interested in innovative and creative projects. A successful campaign can generate a lot of buzz and exposure for a creator’s work.


A funded project validates the concept and marketability of a creator’s idea. It shows that there’s public interest in what they’re doing, which can be helpful in securing future funding or partnerships.

Community Building

Kickstarter allows creators to connect with potential customers and fans directly. The platform provides tools for creators to interact with backers, answer questions, and build a community around their project.


A Kickstarter campaign can essentially function like pre-sales for a product or creative work. This allows creators to gauge demand and generate revenue upfront, which can help with production costs.

The Hidden Hurdle: Taxes

Crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter offer creators a fantastic place to raise funds from like-minded individuals, no matter where they are based around the world. This international reach, while exciting, can introduce a potential hurdle that creators did not budget for: navigating the complexities of taxes across different jurisdictions.

With approximately 50% of online sales attributed to cross-border transactions, these international transactions come with additional compliance requirements. Failure to understand and adhere to sales tax and VAT regulations can lead to significant challenges down the road. This is a challenge that many creators do not expect to face when starting their journey.

Tax Treatment of Pledges

The tax implications of a crowdfunding campaign depend on the nature of the rewards offered. If the campaign is purely donation-based, with no rewards for contributions, the funds received may be considered gifts and generally not taxable income. However, if backers receive tangible rewards or other benefits in exchange for their pledges, the contributions may be classified as sales, potentially triggering income tax liability.

VAT Considerations for European Sales

For creators selling rewards to backers located in the European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom (UK), VAT may be applicable. The VAT rate varies by country, and creators may be responsible for collecting and remitting VAT on the portion of their pledges attributable to backers based in the EU or the UK. Understanding and complying with these VAT regulations can be complex.

Record keeping and Tax Compliance

Keeping track of all financial transactions is crucial. This includes tracking incoming pledges, associated rewards, and any operational expenses. Proper record keeping ensures accurate tax reporting and facilitates efficient tax filing when the time comes.

The wisdom of crowds

While raising funds online might appear to be straightforward, navigating tax and VAT complexities to ensure compliance can be stressful. That’s where Taxmatic enters the equation with VAT solutions designed to fit the unique requirements of creators. This means you can focus on your vision without it being clouded in confusion with VAT and tax compliance. Why go it alone when there’s help available?

Eliminate manual admin and focus on your community

Crowdfunding campaigns can help take your business to the next level, especially if you don’t have access to mainstream funding from other sources, such as your local bank.

Automate your VAT Compliance

Taxmatic is a proud partner of Kickstarter, helping creators like you navigate the world of crowdfunding. We support both first-time founders and established brands, and we’re trusted by global companies to ensure their VAT compliance.

Don’t let VAT compliance hold back your crowdfunding dreams. Focus on your creative vision and let Taxmatic handle the rest.

Proud Kickstarter Partner

Don't let VAT compliance hold back your crowdfunding dreams. Focus on your creative vision and let Taxmatic handle the rest.